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"Eine ausgesprochene Begabung aus der Klasse Gulda ist die 15 jahrige Griechin Dora Bakopoulou, die das C-moll Klavier-Konzert Mozarts mit einer erstaunlichen. Reife vortug, so da‚ man auf die weitere Entwicklung dieser Begabung neugierig sein darf".

H.M. "Salzburger Nachrichten"


"A triumph for Dora Bakopoulou
….The musicians of the orchestra were carried away by the power of her interpretation in a fascinating game full of musical truths…"

G. Monemvasitis, "Eleftherotipia"

"Dora Bakopoulou performed a miracle playing Ravel's Mirrors. Only she could interprete with such penetration, fullness and balance the composer's polished mastery, electrifying acuteness and southern poetic temperament. Only she could establish such a contact with his deepest thoughts. Her contact with the composers she loves is one of kinship and her absolute devotion to their thoughts is generously transmitted to the audience".

C. Romanou, "Kathimerini"



"Greek pianist reveals Schumann's tenderness...
A natural musician, she used no tricks in her thoroughbred playing and achiened a smooth, yet flexible line, where even the difficult spread chords were well in focus."

"The Daily Telegraph", 1968


"…Sa technique alternait l' energie toute en force et les nuances les plus subtiles...L'emotion dominait constamment le rythme du mecanisme digital...Une grande pianiste s' est revelee en cette soiree..."

"Tribune de Lausanne"


"…Qualite pianistique remarquable…..Un talent race ou l' intelligence se combine avec la sensibilite la plus vive et la plus attachante....Un don de communication ou se reconnait l' etoffe d' une authentique interprete....On l'a suivie au long des vingt-quatre Preludes de Chopin qu' elle traduit avec une diversite qui en dit long, et sur son pianisme raffine, son toucher ravissant et sur son imagination poetique toujours en accord avec celle si capricieuse du grand Polonais..."

Å. Ìuller Moor, "Tribune de Geneve"


"The programme's dimension and difficulties were equal to the perfect control and unfailing deep interpretation of every phrase which revealed an enormous physical and emotional power. One felt that there was nothing the pianist could not do. Dora Bakopoulou gave a performance of Schubert's Sonata-Fantasie in G, the like of which we have not heard or except to hear from any other pianist…"

J. Thornley, "Chaniotika Nea"


"…The pianist's sensibility in every harmonic interweaving enabled her to create great and richly decorated sound. Every phrase had the delicacy of a gesture, every note the limpidity of a star…"



"Dora's Bakopoulou recital at the Mally Sal at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire was a great success. The Moskow public was impressed by her filigree technique and fine manner of interpretation."


"Dora Bakopoulou une pianiste douee d' une sensibilite extraordinaire...."

Paul Badura Skoda

"…An exceptionally individual artist, emotional and pianistically very brilliant and complete in every way".

Shura Cherkassky

"…Very few people in the world have this rubato for Chopin…."

Yehudi Menuhin

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